Eldridge Leito

I work full time in daily life. In my spare time I am a thinker.

I always wanted to invent or do things that I could use to serve humanity. From childhood on I learned to take my destiny into my own hands and that potential for my success lies in the meaning of a service or product for the masses.

In other words, the more people you can empower around you to free them of their problems, the more potential there is for your own success in the society you live in.


I was raised to be pragmatic and I grew up close to a Farm. On the Farm I learned that the things you do should have value for the ones you do the things for, this way you get ahead.

I learned how to solve problems in a pragmatic and sustainable way. I always loved magazines such as popular science, popular mechanics and national geographic. From this interest I gained inspiration and personal entertainment.

My specialty and passion is the field of Medical Technology for Human Movement and everything that goes with it. I graduated as an engineer in Human Kynetics