Lightup Cane

The “Blind Cane” is the main tool for the VIP to make their presence clear and communicate their bearing and course to other traffic participants. The original cane was introduced nearly a hundred years ago and has proven it’s value.

Now with new Technology available, we want to increase it’s utility.
  1. Enhance mobility and Increase visibility
  2. Enhance functionality for VIP
  3. Enhance communication to smart vehicles, traffic lights, bicyclists and other pedestrians
Debby’s goal is that 30% of visually impaired people use the Marchena Cane before 2025 and that by 2030 the algorithms in self-driving cars and Smart Cities will recognize and respond to the networked Light up Cane.
This will have a huge positive impact of VIP safety, mobility and quality of life.
And you can help, donate!

News Items

Debby is invited to present her Marchena Cane at the Innovation for Health Event in Rotterdam 2019. The event takes
This video clearly shows the difference between a regular and the Lightup Cane in Dark situations